Thursday, October 8, 2015

A new supermarket in Brussels, Belgium with ONLY Belgian products!

Supermarket with all-Belgian products coming to Saint-Gilles

Oct 8, 2015

A unique supermarket is preparing its grand opening in Saint-Gilles in late November. Belgomarkt is a supermarket with only Belgian products.

The supermarket will fill its 265 square metre space with about 1,000 products, which is only about half of the amount offered by the average Carrefour Express or City Delhaize. All of the products on sale at Belgomarkt are 100% Belgian, which naturally implies a smaller supply.

"We want to go against today's trend of too many choices. In our shop you won't find more than three different brands of strawberry jam, for instance," Melanie Mikiels, one of the founders, told

Belgomarkt will instead focus on traceability, purchasing 95% of its products directly from Flemish, Walloon and Brussels producers. "This shortens the distribution chain," says Mikiels, "so we can keep the prices down and be competitive."

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