Friday, October 16, 2015

Brussels, Belgium. Anti-TTIP demonstrators block Schuman during European summit.

Anti-TTIP demonstrators block Schuman during European summit


More than 100 people were arrested as protestors took over Schumanplein in Brussels to demonstrate against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Second demo planned for Saturday

A group of demonstrators blocked all access to Schumanplein in Brussels during yesterday’s EU summit to protest against the proposed free trade agreement known as TTIP between the EU and the US and Canada. More than 100 people were arrested.
The action was organised by the group Alliantie D19-20. Organisers said 2,000 people took part, but police put the number at 600. Following speeches from organisers, demonstrators blocked access to the square and forced the metro to be closed. The evening rush hour traffic was thrown into disarray, with parts of Wetstraat and Belliardstraat blocked.

A total of 105 protesters were arrested, most of them having their details noted before being released. One man was found in possession of a knife and detained. The protest was joined later by a group of demonstrators from Spain calling themselves EuroMarchas, a name that echoes the Marchas groups that sprang up in Spain during the country’s economic crisis.

On Saturday, another major protest demonstration is planned in the area of the European Parliament in Brussels, beginning at around 14.00.
Photo © Wiktor Dabkowski/dpa/Corbis

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